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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Treat : POM, Strawberry and Orange Juice Smoothies

POM Wonderful (or should I say P♥M Wonderful?) recently sent me a case of the cuuutest little bottles of their 100% pomegranate juice to experiment with! I've been using them to make some refreshing and delicious summer drinks for myself, friends, and family. My two favorites are a Pomegranate & Strawberry Smoothie and POM with Orange Juice.

First off, POM and orange juice makes an absolutely gorgeous drink. The POM sinks to the bottom of of the orange juice so you get beautiful orange and pink layers. The flavor of POM and orange juice also blends really well- the tartness of the orange juice is more subtle and the sweetness and tartness of the POM is mellowed as well.

To make this drink just pour POM slowly into your orange juice (you can use any ratio, they all taste good). So, so pretty:

The Pomegrante Strawberry Smoothies were also pretty! I usually make my smoothies with orange juice + frozen strawberries, but addition of POM made the drink a much deeper pink which looks really lovely. The flavor is also enhanced, again, by cutting the tartness and giving the drink an amazing, delicate sweetness.

To make a POM and Strawberry Smoothie, just take a handful of frozen strawberries and about half a glass of orange juice with a quarter a glass of POM and blend until smooth:

Oh, and check out these mini POM bottles, cute, no?

Be sure to try out some other summery POM recipes here!

**I was sent a case of POM for review purposes and allowed to post my thoughts at my discretion. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post &
was not obligated to give a positive review of the product. All opinions expressed here are mine.**


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