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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Odd Molly Fall 2010

Odd Molly Fall 2010 & Winter 2010 pieces are now available to view online and purchase in stores.

Odd Molly has always been really hit or miss to me, but the pieces I like, I really do like. The brand is pretty much the antithesis of my vision of good Scandinavian design, but its lace-y, romantic femininity (along the same lines as Manoush) is one few other brands execute so effortlessly.

Fall 2010

Winter 2010

CSN Stores Holiday Gift Guide : Cookware

CSN Stores is one of my favorite blog partners. Due to their generosity I've been able to bring you three gift certificate giveaways so far & I certainly foresee more to come in the future!

Since we are fast approaching the holiday season, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite items from the hundreds of thousands that CSN Stores offers (everything from upholstered headboards to fashionable shoes). As many of you know, some of my favorite items can be found in CSN's cookware section. Here are my top 5 kitchen gift picks for holiday gift giving:

1. Anything iittala.
CSN Stores is responsible for introducing me to this Finnish glass and cookware company- I have been hooked ever since. Their drinking glasses and stainless steel pots and pans are now a staple in my household.

2. A sharp kitchen knife.
You can never have too many kitchen knives, can you? CSN Stores sells some of the best of them. Everyone loves a gift they can actually use.

3. Elegant drinking glasses.
Again, I can't recommend iittala's drinking glasses enough. The Aino design is gorgeous, available in multiple colors and comes in a ridged style that helps keep the glass from slipping.

iittala Aino Tumbler Set (light blue), $32

4. Le Creuset cast iron.
Ah, another kitchen staple- everyone needs a little cast iron in their life. Is there anyone out there that doesn't love Le Creuset? Thus, the perfect holiday gift.

5. Something fun and quirky!
For fun and quirky kitchen good, Alessi has all your bases covered.

Alessi Object Bijoux Piccantino Chili Scruncher by LPWK and Jim Hannon-Tan ($26) & Alessi Parrot Corkscrew by Alessandro Mendini ($60)

**As a CSN preferred blogger I am eligible for gift certificates from CSN Stores to keep or giveaway on my blog in conjunction with this post. I was not obligated to give a positive review of the store. All opinions expressed here are mine. **

Shu Uemura Christmas Collection 2010 with Aya Takano : Videos

Collection & Behind the Scenes
The Making of Abracadabra Fantasy:

Aya Takano Minatures:

Kate Moss for Topshop preview

New Kate Moss for Topshop collection out November 2nd.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MAC Cosmetics : A Tartan Tale Collection

New holiday colour collection from MAC Cosmetics! The "A Tartan Tale" collection features, among other things, a nice selection eyeshadows gorgeously (and ingeniously) inlaid with tartan prints. If there were a true red or green available I'd be ALL over it, but the current choices also look pretty nifty. In addition to the eyeshadows, the collection also includes some lip, eye and face kits with tartan packaging, tartan print makeup cases & lots of other criss cross patterny goodies.

Free shipping now at MAC Cosmetics on any purchase with code "MACGIFT".

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Arrivals At ModCloth

So much animal themed clothing goodness in Mod Cloth's current new arrivals. Here are just some of the many pieces you'll find featuring cutsey leeetle animals:

Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry

I'm normally not a fan of celebrity collaborations with fashion brands and I would probably be the last person to tell you that anything about Amy Winehouse is '"cute" (sorry Amy) but I actually really like Amy's new collection with Fred Perry.

The colors, patterns and cuts capture what I think Fred Perry is all about- giving nods to British retro with ska, dancehall and reggae vibes. Quite brilliant really.

Some of my favorites from the collection:

Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry is now available online and in Fred Perry stores.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A message from Playstation Move

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PlayStation MOVE. All opinions are 100% mine.

Playstation Move is the newest addition to the Playstation family and a very exciting one at that! Console gaming in combination with physical movement has been all the rage for the past few years and word about the Playstation Move is getting around quick. The new gaming platform was released last month (making it a strong contender for a holiday gift) and employs a motion sensing controller that accurately captures movement. These capabilities allow users to play games from a large number of categories including family, sports, action and shooters- certainly sure to please anyone in your family!

Actually, I am totally wishing for one of these right now. For one thing, having a Playstation Move in the household would be a really nice substitute to sitting around watching TV. Since we each have our own TV/video preferences here, gaming together can (hopefully) be something we would enjoy together and all have fun with. Plus, its always nice to be able to fit in even just a little more physical activity. My game picks for a family fun night:
Sports Champions
: Choose from a number of sports to play including table tennis and archery. The archery actually looks amazingly fun.
Tumble: An interesting looking strategy/puzzle type game. I've never seen a game quite like this and I think it would be fun to try out!

Available exclusively for the Playstation 3, the Move bundle package can be purchased for just $99. Will you be picking one up this year?

Visit my sponsor: PlayStation®Move

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Cirrate Octopus Footage

Gorgeous and mesmerizing, I am absolutely fascinated by sea life.

Posted below is some amazing new youtube footage of a cirrate octopus. If you're a little sea-thingie squeamish, look away!

From the YouTube page: "Making a rare appearance just in time for Halloween, this ghostly-looking orange cirrate octopus was recently observed by MBARI's ROV Doc Ricketts swimming over the Taney Seamounts. These finned octopuses belong to an order of animals called Cirrata named for the presence of hair-like structures called 'cirri' which may aid these animals in the capture of food."

Review : KT Tunstall - Tiger Suit

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Areaware wooden animal boxes

I've said it before and I'll say it again... and again... and again: wood is my material of choice when it comes to major swoon-age... but cute things made out of wood? Well, that is pretty much hyperventilation territory for me. My current obsession: these wonderfully adorable animal shaped boxes from Areaware (available in walrus, rhino, polar bear, whale, bull & llama shapes).

From the Areaware website:

"This figural box represents a 'power' animal - a totem for our individual ambitions. Its simple and gestural depiction is intentional - allowing the symbolism of the animal to be maintained. With the addition of hinges, it has the ability to guard important small objects. On the shelf, it is sculpture. On the side table, it's a totem. On the counter, it offers a hiding spot."

Each box is priced at $35 and is made from new growth beech wood. All boxes are available for pre-order via the Areaware website.

Oh, and just a little teaser you all: a super amazing, fantastic, mind-blowing-ly awesome giveaway (one that would make theee perfect holiday gift) I am doing with Areaware is coming very soon so stay tuned!

Topshop Style Notes : Snow Queen

Way into the Topshop Style Notes lookbook for this week (or last week rather).... fair isle, faux furs and feminine patterns create a noteworthy trifecta that has me waiting anxiously to pile on the winter layers.

*images from topshop.com*

Style Notes is the weekly newsletter from TopShop, you can sign up here or shop the looks pictured above via the Topshop website here.

Friends With You x Fubon Art Foundation "Field Of Dreams"

images from friendswithyou.com

From the FriendsWithYou website:

"The wonderful people at the Fubon Art Foundation commissioned FriendsWithYou to create a massive art piece to cover the fa├žade of the Fubon Financial building in Taipei, Taiwan. As part of the Very Fun Park 2010 exhibition 'Field of Dreams' became the focal point of the project and was created as a visual representation of this year's theme 'looking up.' As the brilliantly multicolored flowers and bright colors appear on the horizon people are forced to look upwards, to discover that the cloud is smiling and asks you to rediscover the beauty of life. “Field of Dreams” will be on exhibit through July 2011."

Missoni Cashmere Teddy Bear

Missoni Cashmere bear plush, €215 at Colette

I love when designer brands do plushes and other odd sorts of 'accessories'- though they seem to be very hit and miss for the most part. The cashmere bear plush pictured above can be currently purchased from Colette for a quite hefty €215 ($299 USD). Although I'm all for clashing colors, I'm definitely not feeling the color combination here and am still undecided about the design/pattern of this particular teddy bear itself. What do you think: cute or not?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Alife Rivington Club (ARC) Costalots Sunglasses

Top to bottom: Costalots 83'S: Negroni ($237), Costalots Diego: Seeweed ($212), Costalots Diego: Grey ($237), Costalots Diego: Grey Sanded ($237).

Shu Uemura x Aya Takano Winter 2010 Collection

Shu Uemura Christmas Collection 2010 with Aya Takano = so much cuteness! Especially looooving the new eyelashes in the collection, very lush and dreamy. Leeettle heart details on mah lashes? Why yes, please!

a dreamy pair of customizable eyelashes! with a variety of abracadabra symbol stickers enclosed, create your very own pair of eyelashes for the festive season. premium double-layer eyelashes with 2 long white feathers that bounce at every blink. designed to enhance the size, dewiness and sparkle of the eyes for a “doll-like” gaze.

easy-to-wear, sophisticated partial lashes in black with some pieces pre-decorated with glittery and shiny magical heart and star symbols for a cute accent.

bowwow! magic queen palette & reindeer kiss xxxx palette, $69

See the rest of the collection here.

Fred Perry Mid-Season Sale

Fred Perry's Mid-Season sale is happening right now & runs up until the 24th of this month both online and in stores. Some choice merchandise can be found for up to 50% off, nice!

Twin Tipped Fred Perry Shirt, £25 - £35 (was £50)

Fred Perry Shirt Dress, £45 (was £90)

Front Pleated Trousers, £62.50 (was £125)

Overnight Bag, £31.50 (was £45)

Inflight Overnight Bag, £45 (was £65)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Neiman Marcus Clearance : Up 65% off

Many a good deal can be currently found on the Neiman Marcus website via their clearance section. Lots of great basics (including some very lovely shorts), pretty florals & ruffles galore.