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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Five Lessons Every Kid Should Learn

1. Eat your veggies. A lot of foods are 'acquired' tastes, so start piling on the veggies at an early age to avoid the complaints later!

2. Be kind to animals, humans, and plants. Variety is the spice of life and kids should start noting that diversity is something to be respected. Whether it comes in the form of humans or animals and even plants- children should be taught to be kind to all forms of life. I once knew a kid who broke trees in half for fun, I'm definitely not okay with that!

3. You can't have everything. Kids these days have a lot of shiny new gadgets that I didn't as a kid (and still don't). The equivalent of text messaging on your shiny new iphone was me playing in the mud. I see kids complaining all the time about not having the newest, most expensive tech devices and it makes me kind of sad. Which brings me to lesson #3...

4. Be creative. Kids should take the time to be involved in some creative activities, whether it is drawing, writing or even playing outside.

5. Don't be afraid of losing. Playing sports or other organized activities as a kid helps build character. I think it is highly beneficial for kids to participate in activities where they can't always be the winner and get "used to" losing and of course, the joys of winning! :)

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