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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple Changes For The New Year

Alright, so I haven't yet acknowledged the new year on the blog (I think), the reason being there are so many posts all over about resolutions and what not that its a bit overwhelming and possibly slightly overkill. At any rate, in the past few years I've stopped making resolutions because, well, we all know that they just never seem to work out... my style is simply that of making positive little changes in your daily life (no matter what time of year) that are manageable in the long term.

But alright, I have to admit that I secretly have made some plans for changes in 2011. My top priority: remain physically active. One major thing that happened in 2010 was that my gym membership expired (nooooooooo!)- I've trying to find more activities to do that don't put a dent in the bank. Lately, I've been playing basketball at the park and am going to try running more this year (thankfully the weather is cooperating here). Staying active AND saving money - two birds with one stone! Stay tuned to the blog this year because I will be including some great fitness related product reviews and giveaways as well that will help me with my little plan.

A couple other simple suggestions for killing two birds with one stone:

More home cooked meals. This is a great way to save money, improve health (maybe shed a few pounds) and maybe learn or brush up on some cooking skills. You can also cook with friends and family, always a nice way to spend more time with the people you care about.

Save money while you shop. One of my favorite simple ways to save is thrift shopping. Ah, the thrill of a great buy, could anything be better? I love buying thrifted items because they not only cut down on waste and are a great way to save, but can also score you some super high quality items, some of which are rare and impossible to now find!

Each and every day is a good one for making positive changes in your life, if they just happen to come about at the start of the new year, they don't necessarily need to be a resolution, but just a little step in the right direction. Even if you can't keep up with all your goals, just trying to maintain them as best you can is an awesome place to be!

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