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Friday, January 14, 2011

NuGo Nutrition : Real Chocolate Snack Bars

NuGo Nutrition is dedicated to creating healthier, more wholesome snack options that will appeal to a wide range of tastes- NuGo's delicious snack bars are available in varieties that are suitable for a wide range of needs including dairy free, vegan, pareve, kosher and gluten free diets. Courtesy of NuGo I was able to sample some of their nutrition bars and share my thoughts about them here on the blog!

NuGo Dark in Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Mocha Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip (dairy free/pareve): NuGo Dark bars are made with real cacao dark chocolate and contain a deep chocolate flavor with a nice crunch that comes from an abundance of soy and rice crisps in the bar's filling. I was actually a bit surprised by how dense and filling these bars were, definitely not just your average light snack/candy bar, but something with a little more substance (though their crunch is indeed light and airy). I really liked that these particular bars weren't too sweet and combined with the dark chocolate their flavor was slightly 'mature' than the standard fare. The Mocha Chocolate variety had a rich coffee aroma that was very pleasant (though I'm not a coffee drinker), while the mint chocolate had a nice refreshing element to it. The bars each contain a nice amount of protein (10g) which is great for meat fee diets!

NuGo Free in Dark Chocolate Trail Mix (dairy free/vegan/pareve/gluten free): The NuGo free line is certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Association and comes in three varieties (carrot cake & dark chocolate crunch also available). This particular bar contains a variety of nuts (almonds, walnuts), seeds (pumpkin, flax), and dried fruit (cranberry) which gives the bar a lovely combination of crunchy and chewy. The textural element was absolutely wonderful and due to the wide variety of ingredients the bar itself was bursting full of flavor! The bottom of the bar is dipped in dark chocolate to round off the mixture of flavors, giving a slightly bitter and sweet component, definitely one of my favorite bars in the lot! I can also see this bar as being suitable for children, especially those on a gluten free diet.

NuGo Organic in Dark Chocolate Pomegranate (dairy free/vegan/kosher): The Organic bar line is packed full of organic ingredients including organic dark chocolate, organic fruit, organic agave syrup, organic soy crisps and oh-so-much more. These bars were slightly chewier than the dark bars due to the addition of the fruit but they still had a nice amount of crunch to them. The fruit flavor provided an additional sweetness to the bar along with a slight amount of sour as well. Definitely a nice snack- made even better with the additional benefit of being organic!

NuGo Nutrition bars can be purchased on the NuGo website or at various retail locations including Whole Foods and Bristol Farms.


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