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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Review : Revlon "Beyond Natural" False Eyelashes and Precision Lash Adhesive

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My number one beauty "must try" up until now has been to test out false eyelashes because although my lashes are relatively long, they seriously lack volume. Mascara has never been my top choice for volumizing because it inevitably ends up smearing or clumping. I've been hesitant to invest any money in purchasing false lashes in the past because they can be a bit pricey and who knows, I might not even like them. Luckily, Revlon provided me a few pairs of their new Beyond Natural "Intensifying" & "Defining" professional eyelashes and their Precision lash adhesive so I was able to try out a couple of lash styles for the first time! Thanks to Revlon, my false lash anxiety is now completely gone.

Whats great about these lashes is that each box retails for only about $5 (with 2 pairs of eyelashes per box at that) making them great for trying out different styles and application techniques without having to worry too much about ruining the lashes. It's nice that you can try out just about every pair of lashes Revlon offers in the Beyond Natural line for the same price (or less) as a pair of high end lashes. These were excellent starter lashes!

Although inexpensive, I found these lashes to be quite durable. I've worn the same pair a few times and they still look great. The lashes are slightly more glossy than my natural lashes but blend well with them color-wise and thickness-wise. With a coat of mascara and good blending at the base of the lash I could see these looking quite natural. The only problem I had with these lashes is that I wasn't able to curl them along with my natural lashes. Since the false lashes curl very easily (much more easily than natural lashes), they actually became crimped when I curled them along with my eyelashes. I believe they would curl well with mascara, but mascara use is what I am aiming to avoid.

Precision Lash Adhesive: This clear lash adhesive was super easy to use. The thin brush makes it easy to apply the correct amount of glue to the lashes and avoid any messes. The consistency of the lash adhesive was perfect, it wasn't too runny or too thick and the glue adhered really well to the lashes. I wore my lashes for nearly the entire day without the corners coming unglued or my lashes falling off. Lash crisis averted!

Defining Lashes:
Of the two varieties of lashes I tried out, the Defining lashes were my favorite. They looked subtle but provided a nice amount of volume. They look delicate when worn and the style is quite pretty making them excellent for a sweet, wide eyed look.

Intensifying Lashes: These lashes were great for a more striking, bold look. They were also a lot of fun to experiment with along with different makeup styles! I like these paired with a smokey eye or a thick eyeliner on the upper lids.

**I was provided with three boxes of lashes and a tube of lash adhesive courtesy of Revlon for review purposes only and allowed to post my thoughts at my discretion. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions expressed here are mine.**


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