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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guest Blogger : Aine of The Evolving Spirit

This week I'm thrilled to announce my second guest blogger here on The Wide World Of : Aine of The Evolving Spirit!

I first heard from Aine several weeks ago while she was working on a blanket for her grandson. Today she's revealed the finished product and it's even more adorable than I could have ever imagined. The little eyelashes on the moon are just too sweet.. aww!

Aine also works with a charity group called the Crocheting and Knitting Angels of Las Vegas. Here's some info from Aine about the group:

"The group works as a collective in sharing yarn and patterns, along with expertise, and each member can leave a small donation at each meeting to go toward social outings throughout the year. The group crafts baby blankets for those who are two and under, and scarves for the older children. But members are encouraged to branch out, if they wish, and make outfits for bears that are donated, or any other projects appropriate for children.

The items are donated to a local organization called, CHANGE, Inc. , which is an group that works with another local organization called, Child Haven, which is an organization that takes in abused, neglected, and abandoned children and places them in foster care. You can go to the websites of either organization by clicking on their names.

There are currently more than 300 children a month coming to Child Haven where they will be sheltered for twenty-four hours and then placed into foster care. Often the children arrive with barely the clothes on their backs. There are groups who donate clothing and shoes, as well as other items, and the "Angels" offer them something a bit more personal that can be something of their own that has plenty of love woven into the fabric of their personal item."

I love that Aine is sharing her amazing talents through the Crocheting and Knitting Angels of Las Vegas group. I thank her for sharing her talents with my blog as well. :)

Please drop by Aine's blog (which is a great, thoughtful and reflective read) to check out her baby blanket post and to say hello!

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