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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gift Guide : Unique Fathers Day Gifts

Practical Dad: Gorgeous Victorinox hardwood SwissChamp, $100

Fashionable Dad: Fred Perry Holdall, £50.00 ($73.26USD)

Snacking Dad: cases of Izze, Ritter Sport, Kettle Chips

Clean-cut Dad: Merkur HD double edged safety razor, shaving brush,
Proraso shaving cream, replacement blades

Charitable Dad: Kiva gift certificate


  1. I like the Swiss Army Knife for a Father's Day gift, the guys in my family love those! Great gift idea!

    Stopping by from SITS, have a wonderful Friday!

  2. I'm a sitstah :) We are hoping to make soaps and one of our gift sets is a shaving soap with a mug and I was hoping to find a shaver like this one. thnx