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Monday, December 22, 2008

small, quick giveaway!

As a small token of thanks to all my new readers I am having a small, quick giveaway! Just leave a comment here telling me your favorite entry/item posted in my blog so far & you will be entered into the drawing (one entry per person). The prize will be:
  • a gift card for 1 free game or movie rental from Blockbuster video (expires 12/31/08 - hopefully this gets to you on time!)
  • a $5 Moe's Southwest Grill gift card
  • coupon for a free Wanchai Ferry Dinner kit up to $5.57 in value (exp 5/20/09)
The deadline to enter will be 5:30 A.M. PST on Tuesday, December 23rd. You must also be a US resident to win, however, the next giveaway (the one I promised in a previous entry) will be open to anyone in the world!

Thank you all for reading & I appreciate any comments you've left me so far, I've enjoyed your feedback!

EDIT: Storm, The Psychotic Housewife was the winner of this giveaway, congrats!


  1. I love Gumby, so of course I'm loving the Gumby YouTube post you've got up! :)

  2. Oh my goodness. When I first discovered your blog, which wasn't that log ago...it was the wooden carved animals that were my favorite. I still really, really love those!

    HOWEVER... today I see the wall graphics and then I scroll down to see Gloomy Bear and then I see the gumby and realize... Oh WOW! SHe's so cool! She likes the same things that I do. I mean, not that that it's a qualifier to be cool to like the same things as I but happy that I've found someone with similarly warped taste!

    Okay, my favorite today is the charming wall prints (ach! You like Heiko)...
    I'm outta here. I need to bake :)