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Friday, December 19, 2008

roost carved wooden animals

Ahhhh! I love the carved wooden animals from home furnishing company Roost that are pictured above. These life size figures ($90 and up) remind me of those creepy taxidermied animals at the natural history museum. The stuffed walruses used to freak me out! Although even these harmless wooden animals would probably scare me if I were a kid, I would have loved Roost's plant fiber and wood animal figures (pictured below). Honestly, I even want them now just as a cute decorative item for my home. The "brushy" animals are on currently sale at the Velocity Art and Design website for the very affordable price of $9 each (originally $36 each).



  1. Oh my goodness. We share the same love of those. I wanted the deer head over the fireplace so badly. I would never dream of having a stuffed animal in my home but oh....wouldn't you love to have a collection of these?
    The little wooly animals are just adorable. I think I need to make an addendum to my wish list :)

  2. Oh man, I really want the deer head too, but for my bedroom! I probably won't go for it though because I have a bird and I know he would be terrified of it. But these are so so so much better than real stuffed animals!