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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

fun with flossing

Germany company Koziol produces some of the cutest and quirkist functional items on the market today. One such item is Koziol's fish shaped "Kai" dental floss holders with serrated teeth for easy floss cutting. While the sharp teeth of the Kai floss holder may be inappropriate for young children, I can definitely see older kids digging this. The floss holders come in 5 semi-translucent, pretty colors (blue, red, green, orange and clear) and retail for $17.95 at wrapables.com (no clear available). Could flossing possibly get any more fun?!

Koziol also produces other common place household items with a funky twist. Just check out the Elvis tape dispenser, Coco cake knife, Oskar notepad/sticky holder, and Dimitri CD holder pictured below!

There's a number of other items available from the company, although I'm not exactly sure how to obtain them all here in the US. Regardless, they are pretty fun to look at, just give the Koziol website a look if you're interested to see them all.



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