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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i want candy!

As a kid, I don't think there was anything that I loved more than candy. Surprisingly I managed to make it through my entire childhood cavity free, but the coast is not yet clear as I still have a MAJOR sweet tooth! I'm always on the lookout for the most exciting new varieties of candy and Yummy Earth Lollipops have become a new favorite of mine. Yummy Earth Pops are made with organic ingredients, real fruit juice, evaporated cane juice (rather than your basic refined sugar) and natural colors. The pops are free of major allergens (see the Yummy Earth ingredients FAQ for more info) and are also free of all animal products. No high fructose corn syrup, no red #2314234214 and other gross stuff.

The pops are on the small size (which I personally love) and the taste is great! The flavors are perfectly fruity although most are slightly on the tart side. In my opinion cherry, grape and sour apple are the flavors on the least sour side of the spectrum. Yes, sour apple is one of the less sour flavors! Weird!

These can be purchased on a ton of websites, including the Yummy Earth website and Amazon.com and also at many retailers including whole foods and apparently places like Toys R Us as well.

I recently purchased a 5lb bag, yes, 5 lbs!!!, from Amazon and am sharing them with pretty much everyone I know. I also plan to keep these close at all times so I'm not tempted to reach for snacks of the less-good-for-you variety.



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