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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"happy bird" tattoo inspired vinyl figures

Japanese artist Murakoshi recently released 2 new colorways of his vinyl "Happy Birds" which are modeled after tattoo art. Each of the sets (pink and blue) are available for $30 (not including postage which is $10 and shipped from Japan). Every set comes with 2 birds, each of which is approx. 2" tall.

There are also 5 sold out colorways (pictured below). These birds typically sell out super quick so if you want a set be sure to order ASAP. Also I'm really sorry about the quality of the images, they've all been taken from Murakoshi's official website and I believe it is a one man operation. You can also preorder the birds above from Lulubell Toys (USA based) for $35 a set.