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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

cute DIY found object project by APAK : Happy Hermits (Ride the Lucky White Bunny)

Happy Hermits (Ride the Lucky White Bunny) is the latest original available on APAK's Etsy store. This piece is on sale for $200 and combines a found object with original sculpting. The following is the description of the object from APAK's Etsy page:

The bunny is a found object and custom painted and fixed. The material is ceramic cast and the inside is hollow. The hermits are handmade by APAK and made of paper clay. The whole sculpture is varnished.

Really adorable! Reminds me a bit of the old Paul Smith ceramic bunnies that I used to be obsessed with. Wish I would have picked one up while I had the chance, maybe even to DIY myself.

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