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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

etsy pick : Shup(P)'s handmade jewelry

Sydney based jewelry maker Shup(P) is designing & selling some awesomely cute handmade animal necklaces. Each necklace from her "Animal Farm" line sells for $28 on her etsy page. So, so cute!

From Shup(P)'s etsy page:

"Here is my new range of ANIMAL FARM necklaces! Made of the most adorable little wooden animal blocks & plastic speech bubbles. I've always wondered what animals were thinking, or what they would say if we could understand them. Here's just my take on it. ;p"

Dancing Cats Necklace (1. "*sniff" & *Fish*? [sold])

Inquisitive Dog-gies (*whistling notes* & *bone*?)

Wooden Hen and Chicken necklace ("Doodle-Doo" & "....!")

Horse -ing around (*whisper* [sold] & "whoops")

Elephants from the Circus ("Hiccup" [sold out] & "Long long ago..})


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