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Thursday, April 29, 2010

10 Little Things that Lead to a Happier, Healthier You.

Here are 10 little things I do in my life that help me stay happy and healthy:

1. Spend a little time each week practicing a new skill.

I try to spend some time every week (every day if I can) studying something new: learning a few phrases in new language, refining a sewing technique, working on a DIY project or something else altogether. Taking some time to learn a new skill is not only fun, but completely rewarding.

2. Cut down on excess.

I understand this blog is very consumer oriented. Lots of flashy, cool new products that practically scream "BUY ME!". But the truth of the matter is that I buy very few of the things that I post. Not because I don't want to (I want them all), but because self restraint is a good thing. It's nice to own nice things and support the things you love, but do so with discretion. Which brings me to little thing #3...

3. Appreciate the work of others.

In our quest to aspire to our own personal best, I think its sometimes easy to overlook the great things others have done. Take some time to appreciate the awesome things that other people do: family members, friends, artists, writers, etc. Taking time to reflect on the actions and creations of others can be motivating and inspiring. Which brings me to little thing #4...

4. Support what you love!

I know this was mentioned in #2, but this is super important. Taking the time to think about the people and things you want to support financially is a huge deal. From supporting multinational corporations to small independent companies to charity organizations, who and what you want to support is something to always consider (every dollar is a vote!). I'm big on supporting the independent arts. Contributing to charitable causes is also very rewarding, but make sure to do your research and contribute wisely.

5. Make new connections.

Make new connections with the people you already know, people you've lost touch with, and new people all together! It's always great to make new connections with people who share similar interests and passions, but also try to make connections with those who have seemingly little in common- you might be able to learn something new and exciting or find out you have way more in common than you thought.

6. Don't be afraid to do things alone!

We are constantly taught to be afraid of being alone. We are taught that it either makes us a target for victimization (especially as women) or makes us look like some kind of antisocial loner. I actually just got back from my first vacation as a solo traveler (I also stayed in a hostel) and the experience was great. Being alone allowed me the freedom to do things at my own pace, make more connections with new people, and focus on doing the things that I enjoy the most. Things are far less scary than they seem. Not to say you shouldn't be cautious, but you shouldn't be fearful either.

7. Explore the world.

You don't even have to leave your house to do this! The internet has made exploring the world and all its offerings easier than ever before, so definitely take advantage and learn about the fascinating world around you. From language websites to video websites to chat and social networking websites its easier than ever to connect with places, people and ideas from around the world. Take advantage of the amazing variety the world has to offer. Of course, its always nice to actually get out there and travel, but when you can't you can still explore the beauty of the world.

8. Enjoy some fun exercise.

Exercise can be super boring and completely dreaded. I mean, I don't even hate the gym, but I don't always look forward to going. Take the time to do some enjoyable exercise. Find a nice, beautiful place to walk, ride a bike or take a jog. Not all exercise has to be a chore!

9. Have a healthy snack.

Sounds so cliche, but this is another important one. We all crave hydrogenated, corn syrupy goodness (or should I say badness?) every once in awhile (ok, maybe its just me), but don't give in! Reach for a nice, tasty, healthier snack instead. Something like a delicious fruit smoothie/juice, some fresh fruit or my favorite... carrot sticks with hummus, yum. So much more refreshing than processed foods!

10. Get some sleep!

It's not just about getting enough sleep, its also about making sure you don't stay up too late or end up waking up in the afternoon. Having spend unreasonable amounts of time as a full time student, this was always one of the hardest things for me to do. Then suddenly, my sleep patterns became normal and my life became so much less stressful, I was also much more happy! Making sure you get to bed early enough to get a full night's sleep also means prioritizing your schedule and making sure you get things done in a timely manner- which is awesome!

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