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Friday, March 12, 2010

owl rly?

Oh owls, how I love you. Your giant inquisitive eyes that pierce the core of my soul. Your luminous green feathers.... uh wait, what? Oh, these are Gama-Go owls and some of them are green, its all good.

Yes, cartoon owls are totally cute as evidenced by the new Gama-Go mug above. Very much digging the artistic style and the bright blue background! In addition to the mug, Gama-Go also has some other awesome owl goodies for sale on their website. Check out some of my favorites below:

And even more owl goodness here: https://www.gama-go.com/search.php?mode=search&page=1&keep_https=yes

Don't they sort of remind you of the old "I Love To Singa" cartoon? That Owl Jolson, what a little rebel!