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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Glasses... help!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posting as of late, I have so much going on right now and on top of that I managed to contract a cold (boooooo). Seems like everyone right now is either sick or caught in a blizzard...maybe both, but I hope not! Anyway, I normally wear contact lenses but being sick has reminded me that I only have one pair of eyeglasses (that pair of which is currently sitting at the optometrist's office) so I need a back up pair like crazy. I was just wondering if you out there had any favorite frames you'd like to share? Post them up in the comments!

Right now I'm really into Oliver Peoples (also love their sunglasses). I love huge, plastic frames. Here are a few that I've been considering...

Annnd the mother of all huge glasses the Tycoon...

In pictures it looks sort of unwearable but I like them on Hilary Duff and Ashley Olsen!

PS #1: Another heads up that tomorrow (the 10th) is the last day to enter the Glee chewing gum giveaway!

PS #2: I have a few more great giveaways in the works so don't forget to follow or subscribe by email or reader so that you know when they drop. Hopefully the next giveaway will be up by the end of this week (hint: you get to select an item of your choice worth $50 (!) from a HUGE selection, how awesome is that?).


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