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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10 Tips For Weaving The Hottest Runway Trends Into Your Day-to-Day Looks

With the internet, an abundance of second hand stores and websites, fashion blogs, countless fashion magazines, and many other fashion resources, it is becoming easier than ever to take runway styles and transfer those looks to your own wardrobe in fun and cost effective ways. Here are 10 simple (and affordable) tips for bringing runway looking into to your own home:

1. Sleek basics. Stock up on basics in essential colors like black, white and cream. Basics are timeless and having a good supply in both form and loose fitting versions will ensure that you always have something great to wear.

2. Bold accessories. Add a few bold accessories to any outfit for an extra effect. Even campy, overly gaudy and dated looking pieces will work (right now it seems like anything goes). Bold accessories are especially good for evening looks.

3. Pattern mixing. Mix patterns in fun ways and experiment, experiment, experiment. Its difficult to tell if a combo will work unless you try it- you'll be surprised at what you can get away with! My current favorite is mixing plaids with florals.

4. Think before you throw it out. Clothes that look worn out or simply outdated can be transformed into the most chic pieces. Trends are constantly being revived so you never know when you might want that weird 80s jacket you just threw in the trash bin. "Distressed" pieces are also great for layering.

5. Multipurpose pieces. Learn how to get the most out of your wardrobe by making pieces multipurpose. Use that scarf as a belt, a headband, a bracelet, a headbow... the possibilities are endless. Figure out new ways to wear conventional things.

6. Themes. Themes are good, but its also easy to get carried away. Learn to keep themed looks subtle and also figure out new ways to mix themes. Perhaps a mod Parisian look? An angelic boho style. Try some uncharted territories.

7. Buy some vintage/second hand. Some of my best finds have come from the thrift store! Thrifting is great because its soo easy to find a nice mixture of both classic and contemporary looks, mostly at very agreeable prices and also eco-friendly!

8. Break with convention. Add some not so conventional/not necessarily fashionable pieces to your wardrobe. I saw someone once use an Ipod shuffle as a hair clip and it was actually pretty cute. Even something a little more common (but becoming less and less common place) like a watch will add some flare.

9. Experiment with makeup and hair. Runway looks are always bringing innovation into the world of makeup application and hair. Check out the latest runway shows- they will surely bring some hair and makeup inspiration.

10. Embrace sales. Sales are a fashionista's best friend. I totally support rocking things that are out of season or mixing and matching seasonal pieces. Whether its picking up last season's best pieces, basics or next season's sure winners, picking up sales items means picking up more items in the long run and there is surely nothing wrong with having a few extra pieces in the closet. :)

Most importantly, have fun! Take the time to experiment with your casual, day to day looks- I think you'll be pleased with what you can accomplish.

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