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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Areaware wooden animal boxes

I've said it before and I'll say it again... and again... and again: wood is my material of choice when it comes to major swoon-age... but cute things made out of wood? Well, that is pretty much hyperventilation territory for me. My current obsession: these wonderfully adorable animal shaped boxes from Areaware (available in walrus, rhino, polar bear, whale, bull & llama shapes).

From the Areaware website:

"This figural box represents a 'power' animal - a totem for our individual ambitions. Its simple and gestural depiction is intentional - allowing the symbolism of the animal to be maintained. With the addition of hinges, it has the ability to guard important small objects. On the shelf, it is sculpture. On the side table, it's a totem. On the counter, it offers a hiding spot."

Each box is priced at $35 and is made from new growth beech wood. All boxes are available for pre-order via the Areaware website.

Oh, and just a little teaser you all: a super amazing, fantastic, mind-blowing-ly awesome giveaway (one that would make theee perfect holiday gift) I am doing with Areaware is coming very soon so stay tuned!

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