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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ten Tips for Being Fashionable on a Budget

1. Subscribe to email newsletters from your favorite clothing stores and online retailers.

Newsletters will frequently alert you of great sales and discount opportunities. Its not uncommon to find insane deals, in the past I've purchased clothing for as much as 90% off!

2. Work with basics. Basics are a great way to mix and match looks.

Try pairing different combos of solid color scarfs, t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, leggings, tights and other basics. Layering is a good way to get the most out of your clothing.

3. Set up a clothing swap.

Set up a clothing swap or swapping party with friends, you can also arrange a swap online (clothing exchange via mail). Set up a blogger, flickr or photobucket account with items you have for trade and post your link on the social networking sites you belong to.

4. Hit up your local thrift stores.

I love thrifting, you never know what types of great things you will find. You may often come up empty handed, but once you get the hang of browsing the racks quickly, it gets must easier (and less tiring) to spot the gems. My last favorite find was an Agnes B cardigan in near perfect condition for $1!

5. Accessorize.

Brighten up a drab outfit that you might not normally wear with some bold accessories. Add a scarf, a vibrant bib necklace or pretty bangle bracelet to your otherwise plain ensemble.

6. Follow wash instructions.

When I was growing up my mom never washed dark clothing separate from light *face palm*. There was nothing worse than having to go to school in a formerly nice navy blue t-shirt that had become totally washed out and linty within a months time.

7. Refine your clothing reconstruction techniques.

All those old clothes you might otherwise throw out can be used as scraps or templates for making new clothing. Use scraps to patch up old clothes in creative ways or make new clothing and accessories out of them. A good place to start: use your fabric/clothing scraps to make hairbows/headbands or scarves.

8. Be patient.

Patience pays off most of the time... do you really need that designer item now? Chances are if you wait it will go on sale. Many items that I've considered buying in the past have later gone on sale for 50-70% by the end of the season. Although hot items might also sell out, waiting is often worthwhile.

9. Look for used clothing online.

Ebay and online sellers are a good way to get unique clothing at a great price. Ebay is great for vintage clothing, but be weary of current and recent season designer clothing as there are also a lot of counterfeit clothing items floating around. One of my favorite online sellers is Closet Cupcake.

10. Check out the outlets.

Outlets are another great place to find awesome deals on clothing, especially for basics, underwear and work clothes. Gap Outlet and Banana Republic Outlet are great places to start!

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