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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

A large number of my favorite memories from my childhood came from family vacations. Based on what I loved as a kid, here are 5 kid friendly vacation activity suggestions for all you parents out there:

1. Go camping and hiking.

I loved going camping trips with my family. Even participating in setting up the camp site was a ton of fun (helping set up the tent, gathering wood for a campfire, etc.)- something that would probably be a totally different story now that I'm older. Going hiking while on vacation was also a highlight. When I was a kid my parents took us on frequent hikes around our local area, but it was always much more fun to go on hikes while on vacation and explore new territories. Even taking treks around the camp ground was super exciting!

2. Check out some museums.

Maybe I'm just a huge nerd but I loved going to natural history museums as a kid. The dioramas of huge, dead, stuffed animals always sent chills down my spine... in the best way possible. I don't think I actually learned much from going to museums as a kid (sorry mom and dad), but I remember almost all the museums I went to pretty distinctly and with a lot of fondness. Tip: Check for free admission days or times on museum websites in advance, many museums offer free admission days/hours weekly or monthly.

3. Visit some community parks.

This is something I don't remember doing while vacationing during my youth, but it's definitely something I wish I experienced more of as a kid. Whenever I go on vacation now (even if I'm alone) I like to check out some o the community parks. Its a great spot to people watch & get to know the area you're visiting. Also perfect for picnics! Kids will enjoy the new scenery and play equipment and who knows, they might even make some new friends for life!

4. Regional snacking.

I guess this outs me as a total glutton, but I think enjoying regional snacks are a must! For example, you can't come out West and NOT have some In N Out. Anywhere you go there are some unique foods and snacks to sample. Even if it's just fast food (which I don't usually endorse). I still often crave some of the foods I ate while on vacation as a kid and that haven't had since I was just a kid!

5. Skip the tech... except the cameras.

Cell phones, video games, iPods.. these are all vacation no-nos. These days technology is always at hand, and everyone always wants to be hooked up. Kids being no exception of course. Rather than distracting tech products, perhaps allow your children to have their own camera to take pictures of what they see while vacation, this will help kids focus more on their surroundings rather than on a screen.


Twittermoms and Target have teamed up to help give parents tips on fun vacation activities for kids. Bloggers were asked to post 5 kid friendly vacation activities. To participate in this program or discussion be sure to visit the Twittermoms post here: http://www.twittermoms.com/forum/topics/share-5-fun-family-vacation

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